Dear reader,

I would like at this time to extend my warmest greetings and welcome you to the first issue of Kyiv. Guide for Investors for the 1997 fiscal year.

This guide appears during a time when conditions for prosperous economic growth have been created in Ukraine. Fundamental transformations in a country cannot be made possible without significant investment in its economy. During this stage of Ukrainian economic restructuring, investment initiatives are a central focus in decision-making for municipal administrators.

The Kyiv. Guide for Investors contains pertinent information on particular investment structures, a list of attractive objectives for investment, proposals for business cooperation and forecasts on the development of many sectors of life in Kyiv.

It is important that information about Kyiv be represented within an all-Ukrainian context. The capital region plays not only a leading role in attracting foreign investment, but it is also in Kyiv where a significant proportion of Ukraine's business activity is concentrated.

It is my hope that this reference guide will be helpful to you in your business activity. I wish you all the success in your future business endeavors in Ukraine.

I look forward to mutual visions for our expanding economic community and towards working in cooperation and partnership with you - our business community, towards an even more dynamic Ukraine.

Alexander Omelchenko
Head of State Administration
for the City of Kyiv

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am happy to greet a new publication, "Kyiv. Guide for Investors", drafted by a member of the International Union of Ukrainian Businessmen (IUUB) - consulting company ROSA in co-operation with the Kyiv City State Administration.

The IUUB was founded on 8 June 1996. Currently, its membership is more than 400 Ukrainian and foreign enterprises. The first President of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchouk, heads the IUUB's Board. The Union holds the lead amongst other associations of entrepreneurs in Ukraine. The main program task of the IUUB is to unite efforts of scattered large-scale, medium-scale, and small-sized enterprises into a strong productive force aimed at overcoming the economic crisis and able to efficiently use Ukraine's natural, labor, and intellectual potential for its prosperity.

Reforming the national economy, we mainly reckon on our own strength; however, we welcome foreign partners and will be thankful for assistance, especially in the field of investment, restructuring of our economy, setting up high-tech productions. We will continue to take care of establishing appropriate climate for both domestic and foreign investors. This is fostered by dissemination of truthful and overall information on the real state of things in Ukraine.

Therefore, I am pleased to greet the appearance of the yearbook "Kyiv. Guide for Investors". I am sure that this publication will show you reliable guiding lines as to co-operation with Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

.Kyiv. Guide for Investors.. Project was carried out by:
General Director, IUUB
Roman Dyakiv

For more information, contact:
253225 Kyiv - 255
P.O. Box 204
tel/fax 441-89-17